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I think many raiders, and sadly raid leaders seem to view all healers the same. That each is just as good as the other, at every job. And its annoying. While I was capped, another guildie took over raid leading for the ulduar run. He put a pug holy pally put on raid heals, and […]

So a few weeks back, I did a end of week pug of ToC10, By end of week I mean we had the timer counting down from 10 as we engaged Anub. Now most people avoid pugging at this end of the week, and with good reason, because its usually filled with fail, under geared […]

3k ping while sitting in silver moon city sucks. Bring on being not so capped.

So the other night the guild quite literally blew up. 😀 Some of our oldest members gquit because of annoying other members, and we gkicked the other annoying members after they finnaly pushed the line to far. I’ve found myself hoping that we can get our older members back, as it would be nice, esp […]

Who am I?


This is the blog of a wow player, semi casual raider, with way to much time on his hands.



Im bored so I made a blog. D: