Of gquits and gkicks, and undergeared tanks who are idiots


So the other night the guild quite literally blew up. 😀

Some of our oldest members gquit because of annoying other members, and we gkicked the other annoying members after they finnaly pushed the line to far.

I’ve found myself hoping that we can get our older members back, as it would be nice, esp of 25man raids. But meh, atm the guilds hands our somewhat tied by a officer, whos currently in Germany, and seems to think everything should go on hold until he gets back. Woot?

He also seems to be less burnt out with ulduar than anyone else, but I guess that’s because while in Germany and only raiding once a week at max (sometimes not at all),  and still wants to go back there. The bit that annoys me is that people don’t actually look at the loot and go ‘oh, I need X or Y’, but rather assume that there will be useful loot. I wouldn’t mind going back nearly as much if people would go and say ‘this is  the loot I want from ulduar, its X and Y and Z, and they drop from A, B and C’. This would at least give our raid some level of direction.

Running around directionless through a raid is fine when its linear, or your just trying to progress (ie, go for the easyier bosses first). But as more of the bosses go on farm, you have to start to consider where you want your raid to spend their time.

We also managed to run ToC10 again, with alt tanks, some of whom aren’t quite as geared as you would like…. Thats fine and all, but this means you can’t do stupid shit like, running out of range, when your on 5k health, and with burning bile on you. >_< Granted I’m not sure why I expected any better, the same guy does stupid shit on his warlock as well… *sigh*


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