Pugs and epic lol win


So a few weeks back, I did a end of week pug of ToC10, By end of week I mean we had the timer counting down from 10 as we engaged Anub.

Now most people avoid pugging at this end of the week, and with good reason, because its usually filled with fail, under geared people, and idiots in general. I agree for the most part, but on the same page, how did this run not fail?

The basic make up of the group went:
DK Tank
War Tank

Resto druid
Some priest
Shammy I think?

Blood DK DPS
Destro Lock

Granted I’ve forgotten a few… >_> but the main point I want to make is that the warrior tank (lets call him bob) was slightly undergeared. Bob had a few blues to his name, and in fact was undergeared to the point of stupidity, around 50/50 heroic blues and 200-213 epics. We wiped more than once on Northrend beasts because bob died, but we still manged a full clear without replacing him, though by the 3rd wipe I was close to calling it, and blaming the tank. but I didn’t.

Instead I asked the resto druid I had assigned to healing him why bob was dieing. It turns out she didn’t know she was healing him. Bonus points to me for assuming everyone was on vent when I announced the healing assignments. From there on we one shot everything else baring a RNG twins wipe where 6 orbs nom’d bob.  Bob knew his class, and knew when to use his CD’s to overcome his gear deficit, and what looked like a under geared tank issue, was actually a healer issue. What can you learn from this?

GS isn’t everything by a long shot.
Healing meters can point out that your healers aren’t doing X or Y.
Make sure everyone understands their assignments.

To many raid leaders/Back seat raid leaders (you know who you are) Don’t know how to use these tools to judge their raid, and its becoming a issue as raiding becomes more wide spread and puggable.


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