Not all healers are equal


I think many raiders, and sadly raid leaders seem to view all healers the same. That each is just as good as the other, at every job.

And its annoying.

While I was capped, another guildie took over raid leading for the ulduar run. He put a pug holy pally put on raid heals, and our guildie holy priest put on tank healing, which anyone who’s every played either class/spec will know is a bad bad baaaaad idea. So I decided to do a brief write up for people as a brief guide about what each healing class/spec is best at.

Holy pallys excel as tank healers. Either healing 2 tanks at once, or a single tank and somewhat limited raid heals and a single tank. Don’t make them cry and put them on raid heals full time.

Disc priests excel at mitigating damage more so than actually healing compared to other classes. Divine agis, Power Word: Shield, and so on. The disc priest should be low on the meters, as absorbs aren’t actually measured properly (:(). They can do limited raid healing/prevention, but again, this will make them cry. Don’t make the tank healers cry.

Holy priest are raid healers foremost. They CAN tank heal in a pinch, but again, this is not their strength, and you’ll probably make them cry.

Resto shammy can be a capable tank healer, or raid healer. They excel at raid healing multiple raid members packed together in a single cast.

Resto druids can tank heal (again), although it is not their strength. The strength of a resto druid lies in covering the raid in a mass of rejuv. Perfect for any case where the raid is going to take steady raid damage. (twin valk anyone?).


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