Top specs


I’m not sure about other classes, but something irks me with warlocks recently.

As a warlock, you have 3 dps trees, affliction, demonology, and destruction. Each with its pros and cons.

What irks me is when people, usually ‘noobs’, switch instantly to the ‘top’ spec. I’ve seen people running ramps with DS, one for affliction and soloing, and one for destruction, for instances. lolwut. The difference between the specs is so little than it amounts to nothing more than a few hundred dps at the top end, let alone in ramps.

Most of these people don’t even fully read into why each spec is better than another, and I think a perfect example of this was with stars and their world first yoggy+0 kill, where they actually stacked affliction warlocks. I think this sent quite a few people into shock (WUT?! DESTRO NOT TOP? WUT!) that their cookie cutter spec they chose without much concern about why its top, or how to gear it, was suddenly, not so top. Knowing your spec, and how to play it, where its strengths and weakness’s are, will more than make up for that few hundred dps difference.

Don’t even get me started on warlocks who gem and gear for crit, thinking that haste is a useless stat for destro… ‘because its those big numbers that put my dps over 3k’. Lolwut.


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