Scale factors


Scale factors are often quoted by people when attempting to discern a BiS list, but they are often taken out of context, and miss used and miss interpreted.

What are scale factors? They are the theoretical dps gain in theory for one point in that stat. These can be affected by many things, your spec, gear and raid buffs most commonly. So how do you figure them out? This is usually done with a tool known as simcraft. (It has a GUI now!) Once downloaded you will want to run ‘simcqt.exe’.

Step 1
This is the image your presented with first, essentially the welcome screen. From here you will want to goto the options screen
Step 2
There are several tabs here, you can mostly leave the first tab alone. Under the buffs and debuffs tabs you should set these to closely mimic your normal raid comp, as these buffs can effect the end outcome.
On the Scaling tab, you will want to select which stats you wish to weigh. In this case I’ve selected stam, int, Spirit, haste, crit, hit and SP.
Next up in the import screen, this is done through the armory, so you search for yourself over the armory.
Once you find yourself, click the import button on the bottom right corner.
Simcraft will then auto generate a wall of text similar to the one above. You really don’t want to alter anything here. So click the simulate button.
After its run its course, which depending on the various options you picked, might take a while, you’ll end up with a nicely formatted page. A little way down it, you’ll see the table above, with your stat weightings nicely placed in a table.


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