Improved soul leech


Improved Soul Link

This is one of the most commonly under-estimated warlock talents. Most people seem to think of it as just providing replenishment, but this is the lesser part of the talent. lets have a look at the other half of the talent.

Your Soul Leech effect also restores mana to you and your summoned demon equal to 2% of maximum mana

Why is this so important? Well it means we don’t have to life tap! which means more incinerates/conflags/CB’s/Immos. Now some people will say its only a GCD, under BL a gcd is equal to any haste capped spell, that’s a missing incinerate, and hence 13k~ damage. over a 300 second fight (the generic simcraft light length), that equates to 40dps for every life tap. Life tap 5 times in combat? that’s 200dps~. (yay for paper napkin maths!)

But how much mana does ISL really give us? Is it really worth that much mana? I think this graph outlines it best.

Destro warlock mana gains

It gives us almost our initial mana pool back again, much more than the replenishment and life tap parts. Although this might seem a little counter intuitive while reading the tool tip, replenishment returns 3% mana, ISL 2%, you must remember that ISL can proc more than once in the 15seconds that replenishment lasts.

This is all not to say you shouldn’t life tap, but picking your time is important. Life tapping while you couldn’t do anything else is the key. An example in ToC10 is that during northrend beasts I will generally never life tap in combat. If I’m moving I’ll throw corruptions and curses around, or attempt to move when I need to conflag, instead I life tap to full mana during the switch between bosses (just before the worms come out) with a decent group I can normally get away with 10% mana when the first boss hits the dust.


3 Responses to “Improved soul leech”

  1. 1 Jini

    Life tap glyph.
    Not doing math but I was under the impression life tap glyph was one of the primary destro glyphs?

  2. If we have ISL we (aren’t meant to at least) don’t tap enough to keep the buff up. It has always been a case of tap when you need to, not to keep the life tap glyph up.

    Although the dps difference between the 2 specs (ISL with no hit/LT, hit/LT without ISL) is minimal to the point of most players can’t bring out the difference, the generally accepted rule is to look at your current gear and if you can make the 17% (or 14%) hit, to drop suppression and the LT glyph for ISL.

    As a general rule with ISL you want your glyphs to be Immolate, Incinerate and conflag, and from memory without ISL you drop immolate for LT glyph, but I might be wrong on that.

  3. 3 Jini

    Incin IIRC, i know it seems dumb dropping 5% on 50% of our dps, but yeah.

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