Haste Vs Crit


I’m considering making 2 sets of gear for my resto druid. One stacking haste for raid healing, one with crit for tank healing.

my haste set would be for 10man raid healing, where my aim would be to get my GCD down to 1 second, and my rejuv down to 10-12 seconds, to be able to roll rejuv effectively on 10 people with wild growth on CD. pre 3.3 rejuv rolling in 10man really didn’t work to well, as you managed to get upwards of 8 seconds of free time, with not much else to do, and I want to attempt to remove this ‘extra’ time.

My crit set will be to attempt to boost the talent living seed as far as it can go, this talent is usually over looked by resto druids as a ‘meh’ talent from what I’ve seen. This set would primarily be for tank healing. Living seed is often seen as not doing terribly much healing, but this has to be taken with a grain of salt, how many times was living seed actually applied? Was the resto druid in question actually tank healing? or just throwing out a swift mend for the hell of it?

Living seed is preventative healing, which in my books makes it unique in the resto druid arsenal. Unlike rejuv which might not tick in the few seconds a tank is under full HP before being healed up, we know that this will go of. This might end up being a complete failure, but it will be nice to at least try.

In other news my pally is finally at 80, healed ToC10 last night (read, carried), but Ive got a long way to go gear wise before she can tank or heal anything above heroics.


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