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Elitist group


Now that Xmas and new years are over, its time to start trying to post regularly again, and this time its a addon. I would call this addon a alternative to GS, or even a supplement to GS. Elitist group will provide a summary about a user, similar to how GS provides a number about […]

Haste Vs Crit


I’m considering making 2 sets of gear for my resto druid. One stacking haste for raid healing, one with crit for tank healing.



Orginally this post caught my eye some time ago, a little while after it was posted, and I was somewhat impressed. Clearing ulduar in blues? leet. Now hes at it again, this time hes setting his heights somewhat higher.

Improved Soul Link This is one of the most commonly under-estimated warlock talents. Most people seem to think of it as just providing replenishment, but this is the lesser part of the talent. lets have a look at the other half of the talent. Your Soul Leech effect also restores mana to you and your […]

So after logging onto my alt, and sorting out some of my addons, I decided to jump into a normal dungeon. 2 level 80’s later who didn’t realize they’re queued for a normal dungeon over a heroic, and we got VH down. But the part that caught my eye is the part that mentioned I […]

Blizzard have officially confirmed it. 3.3 is tonight. WINRAR. Something new, challenging, and most of all fun! Bring it on Arthas! //Edit; Servers are coming back online after the customary extended down time, YAY FOR BROKEN ADDONS. :_<

Scale factors


Scale factors are often quoted by people when attempting to discern a BiS list, but they are often taken out of context, and miss used and miss interpreted.

What are scale factors? They are the theoretical dps gain in theory for one point in that stat. These can be affected by many things, your spec, gear and raid buffs most commonly. So how do you figure them out?